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Cozinha da Madeira

Madeira Island is reached by hundreds of thousands of tourists every year in order to enjoy its mild climate, breathtaking landscapes, clean waters and genuine and fresh food. The local’s traditions and pride of its fresh and tasty products still holds in today’s culture. In order to promote sustainable services and experiences around Madeira food culture, this project will bring food to life by combining people, products and experiences, presenting them to both locals and tourists.

“Cozinha da Madeira” (CdM), it’s based on collaborative service model that welcomes differences participants where they can operate according to their professions and interest.
CdM is divided into several service stages, which can be listed as: attracting participants, orienting them in the service structure, searching for food and products suppliers from the region, and support them in participating in the service, searching for a chef.

The coordinations of all these stages will culminate in the food journey through the island and the cooking event. CdM service proposition motivates customers to adopt an enabling and sustainable stand through their actions. This service concept was design specifically to the island of Madeira, but can be extendable to any other country through localization of concept.

Ingredients are a fundamental aspect of CdM, they are supplied directly from local producers to the participants in the food journey. When a customer subscribe to the CdM service as a supplier, he is able to add his own products as potential CdM ingredients using the interactive map. The map is a visualization of the island and the ingredients will appear on the map in the exact location were they produced and provided.

Recipes is where all begin, without a recipe, a journey can’t be created. After a user sign up as a Chef, he or she has the opportunity to create a recipe, and that recipe became available to all user to comment, to make it a favourite, challenging the Chef to propose a journey. After the journey accepted, all participants can subscribe to participate in the journey. After all places are filled a date and time are set and the journey can begin.

A journey is where most of the experience happens, after being accepted by the CdM staff, all the details should be in place, a competent chef, all the local ingredients are supplied, a skillful driver and a set of gourmet and adventurous participants. Each journey will have available a special section of the website, the gallery, where all the participants in the journey can add images that were taken during their experience and share them with all the CdM community.

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